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Dominik is a scholar and advisor with significant experience as business practitioner in service businesses, FMCG, e-commerce, retail banking, B2C retail, software development, manufacturing and travel industries.

As a thought-leading Marketer and strategic thinker in brand building,  business strategy and management he is a sought-after advisor and key note speaker to companies as well as a regular contributor to leading conferences and publications.

His expertise is spanning (e.g.) building global brands at Procter & Gamble, advising many companies and organisations (B2C and B2B) on Brand- and Go-to-Market strategies, leading the consumer-business strategy for HRS and delivering its growth as Marketing Director.

Since several years, Dominik is advising organizations and companies on strategic development projects, such as Vision and Mission, Brand Identity and Positioning, Go-to-Market strategies, business modeling  competitive strategy development and moreover how to become a customer-centric organization in order to transform existing businesses against the current challenge of digital transformation.

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Dominik Brendel

Leading people by motivation and inspiration to enable their growth.

Empirical based

Research know-how is the base for all insights: internally, externally, jointly.


Engaging with people on their own terms is the art to be mastered for change.


Theory alone won't do it - you have to have walked in practitioner shoes as I did.


The right intuition is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial decision making.

Global citizen

As a globally experienced person, there are no boundaries: only travel to be made.

Purpose brands ask Why?

Purpose driven brands.

Inspired by my work for P&G, where we introduced purpose-strategies in 2010 to leading brands, later by Simon Sinek’s famous TED Talk on how leadership has changed, I decided in 2013 to assess and research more about higher meaning and purpose in relation to business strategy.

Since 2013, as a PhD scholar at University of Gloucestershire, I am developing a substantive theory about the role of higher order purpose, meaning and its consequences for modern brands and overall business strategy.
I apply this fundamental knowledge in practice to impact brands and businesses across the globe – to do well by doing good.

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Countries I worked at, across the globe
Years of practitioner experience
Brands I had the pleasure to work with
Inspiring Key Notes on Strategy and business transformation given


I am a scholar with actionable theoretical knowledge and more important, years of experience in leading marketing and branding for several organizations. You can benefit from my experience:
Working together towards a joint goal, I become part of your challenge.

Purpose Strategy.

Purpose driven Brands Research

Exploring brands which do well by doing good.

PhD Scholar

Induction of a substantive theory on purpose brands.

Consulting and advisory

Working with growth brands to incorporate purpose.

Author and Speaker

Inspiring people with key notes and publishing about.


Imagine : digital.

Digital Leadership

Reframing current business models for the future.

Playing to win: Strategy that works.

Enabling growth with actionable strategies.

Organization design for growth.

Re-design of organizational processes and teams.

Insights form the outside: Key Notes.

Inspiring your teams on the new normal.


Experience Design.

Design Thinking

Customized workshops to ideate innovation.

Empathy Journeys

Customer exploration and gap design.

Customer Experience Mapping

Conceptualization of customer experience maps.

Customer Centricity

Building customer centric marketing strategies.


A strategic thinker with a very good hands on mentality

I very much enjoyed working with Dominik because he combines several important skills: he has a very good strategic thinking and is able to break down a strategy to concrete operative steps. We reworked the strategic positioning of two brands in the portfolio and build up a common digital marketing and sales strategy for both brands of the group. Working with Dominik was very successful and fun because his feedback was sharp and pragmatic at the same time - hence very valuable. I can highly recommend Dominik as a strategic thinker with a very good hands on mentality. I would be happy to work with him sometimes in the future.

Ralf Priemer - Managing Director & Co-Founder at Channel Pilot Solutions GmbH

Terrific understanding of brand dynamics.

I had the pleasure of working with Dominik. Dominik was providing my team great insights and feedback on our work throughout the project. He provided support for our analysis and helped manage the deployment throughout the organization for maximum impact. He is a consummate professional with a terrific understanding of brand dynamics in the context of marketing

Mark Wilson - Associate Vice President at Analytic Partners

Exceptional leader and entrepreneur.

I got to know Dominik as the "go-to-person" regarding strategic business and digital experience topics. He is an exceptional leader and entrepreneur in all questions and is one of the very few people that can actually shape an idea into action by communicating and detailing it out in the best way. I would recommend Dominik at any time and also would not hesitating any second working with him again.

Torsten Schollmayer - Director Product at StepStone

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