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The Purpose Driven Brands Project

Doing well by doing good:
Brands that grow thanks to the incorporation of a higher order purpose will define the future.
Purpose Brands Model

what purpose is

& why you should care.

doing well by doing good?

Purpose, i.e. higher order purpose or meaning, is more than offering a product, feature, innovation with technical background etc.

Purpose is defined at the intersection of your business model and something bigger than yourself you take on. This intersection is defined as brand purpose and should be the grounding for your brand.

My Research

& PhD work.

Empirically defining what purpose is to leverage a substantive theory for upcoming brand generations.

  1. How are companies, which claim to apply purpose to their strategic brand identities, integrating it into their brand frameworks?
  2. Why are practitioners of profit-oriented brands applying purpose to their brand strategies?
  3. How can brand purpose and its properties and tenets be related to brand identity theory?


& advisory.

Informed by theory, inspired by practice.

I am working as a consultant and senior advisor to several brands in different forms. I am serving on the advisory board of some brands as well as conducting projects and workshops to enable you and your teams to challenge your industries by becoming the leading purpose driven brand.

I will enable you to discover your brand’s purpose with proven methodology in order to support you and your teams to create loyal, returning customers!

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Inspiration and change:


Key Notes: Inspiring your organization.

With a key note on purpose driven brands, you will not only gain insights on what the best growing brands in the world do, but moreover start your journey to become a challenger and purpose driven brand yourself.

Ignite the change by offering your teams, your peers and your leadership the right perspective: how to do extraordinary well in business, by doing good.

Dominik Brendel delivering inspiring Key Note speeches on brands and purpose driven challenger brands
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