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Digital Transformation is the challenge of our decade:
conquer it by applying proven strategic frameworks that work
Leading Digital: Technology to Business Transformation Dominik Brendel

what imagine is

& why you should care.

imagine : digital !

The Digital Transformation has hit and will hit all industries with massive impact: After the first and second industrial revolution, the digital transformation, which is just about the beginnings yet, will change almost every aspect on how we live, work and create value. No industry which will not be disrupted and changed.

But only few organizations are putting in place what it needs to become a highly profitable Digital Master. The Masters of the future possess about clear Leadership in terms of purpose and strategy and at the same time the right tools and processes for changing the current models.

Playing to win:

Strategies made work.

Most strategies aren't. With Playing to Win I enable you to build strategies that truly enable and deliver the whole organization.

Most strategies shouldn’t be called like it, nor do most strategy processes and annual review processes deserve actually the name: All they are is a pain with no incremental value.

That will change the moment you engage with Playing to Win: A framework designed to build and deliver core strategic initiatives to grow your business:

  1. What’s your winning aspiration? (Big, hairy audacious goal for 2017)
  2. Where will you play?  (Which segments, customers etc. do you deliberately serve)
  3. How will you win (What will you build and deliver superior in those areas against competition)
  4. What capabilities and management system do you need? (Resources, Budgets, etc.)
Playing To Win: How strategy really works: OGSM Workshops with Dominik Brendel from Purpose Brands
Advisory and Consulting Imagine digital transformation Dominik Brendel


& advisory.

Informed by theory, inspired by practice.

I am working as strategy advisor and sparring partner with several business to support them building now the right tactics and measurements on lasting strategies: Now is the moment to conquer the challenges of the digital transformation!

I will engage with you and your teams alone team in order to build lasting strategies and delivery of such to enable your transformation!

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Inspiration and change:


Key Notes: Inspiring your organization.

With a key note on Digital Leadership, the current forces and changes we see, you will inspire your peers and teams and get the first gear to transformation!.

Ignite the change by offering your teams, your peers and your leadership the right perspective: how to thrive in a VUCA world, which will change totally from the bottom to the top.

Dominik delivering a key note to top management on digital transformation
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