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Experience Design

Welcome to the experience economy!
all brands are perceived through hundreds of customer touchpoints and in a crowded world, you must design your brand experience thoroughly
Pine and Gilmore The Experience Economy by Purpose Brands Dominik Brendel workshops for Experience Design

what experience design is

& why you should care.

Welcome to the experience economy!

Already in 1998 Pine and Gilmore published in Harvard Business Review their groundbreaking paper on the experience economy. With new technology at hand and moreover the combination of new possibilities we finally reached the era of the experience economy.

Experience Design is a very innovative methodology, which makes use of state of the art methods like Design Thinking, Experience Mapping, Customer Journey assessments and so on.

The objective is to build comprehensive, aligned and seamless customer experiences to build loyalty and brand engagement.


I will enable you – with the customized methods-set – and your teams to deliver outstanding customer experiences!

Experience Design Methodology

Design thinking, Empathy Journeys, Experience Mapping and Innovation delivered.

Experience Design Methodology combines several qualitative and also quantitative methods of research, combined and delivered with action research methods so that you do not waste ages  analyzing, but rather start with the LEAN approach a new venture, based on true customer understanding. And learn as you go.

I will build the methods-set according to your challenge and build, hand in hand with you and your teams, outstanding new experiences in order to bring your brand purpose alive.

Dominik Brendel from Purpose Brands key note on design thinking process and innovation
Advisory and Consulting Imagine digital transformation Dominik Brendel


& advisory.

Informed by theory, inspired by practice.

I am working as strategy advisor and sparring partner with several businesses to support them building the right experiences, build on insight, delivered via product, communication and innovation.

I will engage with you and your teams in order to build lasting brand and customer experiences – and delivery of such.

My objective is to enable you to become a customer centric, innovation driven experience-centered organization!

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Inspiration and change:


Key Notes: Inspiring your organization.

With a key note on Experience Design, the current forces and changes we see, you will inspire your peers and teams and get the first gear to transformation!.

Ignite the change by offering your teams, your peers and your leadership the right perspective: how to thrive in a experience-driven world, which will change totally from the bottom to the top.

Dominik Brendel Key Note on experience Deisgn in a experience economy from Purpose Driven Brands
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